The Perfect Breakfast

The Perfect Mother’s Day: Breakfast

With Mother’s Day only two weeks away, most people won’t have even begun to think about planning the day or what to buy. Luckily here at Becky Broome, we have been, with a series of blogs which will focus on how to plan the perfect Mother’s Day, from start to finish. Not forgetting our range of products specifically designed to show your mum – ‘you are loved’.

So, let’s begin our preparations, at the start of the day,  with breakfast.

People say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and arguably, none more so than on Mother’s Day! ‘Surprising’ mum with breakfast in bed has become a tradition in many homes, as part of their celebrations. Even if you’ve already flown the nest, going home to surprise your mum with a home-cooked breakfast is sure to bring a smile to her face.

We have compiled a list of the ultimate Mother’s Day breakfast recipes so that all you need to worry about, is keeping crumbs off the bed.

Homemade Beans On Toast

When making beans on toast many opt for the easy option of tinned,  even though making them from scratch is well worthwhile. This 20 minute recipe is super easy, even for the most novice cooks and makes for a healthy and tasty Mother’s Day breakfast.


Pancakes are one of the most indulgent breakfasts around and these lemon cheesecake pancakes are no exception, providing a modern twist on the classic lemon juice and sugar combo.

Or if your mum is a chocoholic, then try this recipe from master chocolatier, Paul Young for a decadent treat.


Eggs are a staple ingredient in breakfasts the world over due to their versatility. Whether as an omelette, baked, boiled, fried, or poached, there is sure to be a recipe below that will make your mum’s day that extra bit special.



If you are aiming for a more Parisian style Mother’s Day breakfast, look no further, as these patisserie recipes go perfectly with fresh fruit, yogurt and freshly brewed coffee.


Take a look at our range of personalised mixing bowls and dishes, which make preparing a Mother’s Day breakfast even more special, or our bud vases which brighten up any breakfast tray.

  Personalised Mixing Bowl For Mum Lifestyle Detail  Personalised 'Baked With Love' Pyrex Dish  Personalised Bottle Bud Vase Lifestyle


Muesli, porridge and smoothie bowls are the ideal base for tailoring your mum’s breakfast to suit her exact taste, by merely adding a few spices, fruits, and toppings, you can turn something that began as quite a basic meal, into a luxurious treat.


If you’re struggling to make your creation look tempting, then our range of personalised breakfast jars help you to create a look layered to perfection.  Plus they can be used on the go afterwards.

Personalised Breakfast Jar  Personalised Smoothie Jar  Personalised Breakfast Jar


Lastly, we can’t leave out the choice of drink, to finish your breakfast plan. Treating your mum to a barista style crème brulee coffee or a vanilla chai tea, would make a great accompaniment. What would look more appealing and thoughtful than serving your drinks in one of our personalised glasses?

    Time For Me Glass Mug For Mum

If you’re wanting to start the day with something a little stronger, then a Mimosa or Bloody Mary is a great way to begin celebrating in style. The classic cocktail for accompanying breakfast or brunch is the mimosa and this strawberry and grapefruit recipe provides a refreshing twist on the original.


Whether you love them or hate them, there’s no denying this is the ‘Ultimate Bloody Mary’ recipe. It truly lives up to its name, being absolutely jam-packed with every garnish that comes to mind. It’s basically a meal in a glass.

     Personalised Swirl Cocktail Shaker Lifestyle 1 Detail


If you enjoyed this blog but would rather be pampered yourself this Mother’s Day – be sure to forward it on to your partner or children – if you want to give them a not so subtle hint!  Keep an eye out for our next blog post in this series, in which we ask the team here at Becky Broome, to pick their favourite gifts for their mum from our new Mother’s Day collection.