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The Perfect Mother’s Day: Our Picks

Choosing which present to buy someone can be a daunting task, and unfortunately, on Mother’s Day, many of us end up participating in the last-minute dash to the supermarket, to fight for the least crumpled bunch of flowers.

Here at Becky Broome, we believe our mums deserve more, as such our team has spent the past few months researching, designing, and refining our Mother’s Day range. This collection of personalised gifts has been crafted to show your mum just how loved she is. So, who better to tell you all about our products than the Becky Broome team themselves, plus it’s a great opportunity for you to get to know a little more about our team members!  As part of our ‘You Are Loved’ campaign, we wanted to find out from the team about what little things make their mum, ‘their mum’ and what gift they would love to give her this Mother’s Day.

Laura, Studio Coordinator:

I’m passionate about learning new skills and so I have a degree in design plus I am a qualified early years teacher. I’m currently trying to teach myself how to bake because I wish I’d learnt how to from my Nannan, who was an amazing baker. I did win the prestigious ‘Becky Broome Bake Off 2018’ competition so I must be on the right path, I’m just trying to not let it go to my head!”

“If my mum won the lottery, she would spend every penny on her family, she is the kindest, sweetest, funniest woman and she only deserves good things. I could squeeze her!”

Katie, Artwork Coordinator:

“Creativity has always been a fundamental part of my life, which drove me to study Design at university and then on to work at Becky Broome. My role here allows me to do what I love every day, which really is the dream. Although this doesn’t stop me undertaking projects at home, from designing my wedding to refurbishing my home, upcycling furniture and building an outdoor bar. I always have something on the go.”

“I want to spoil my mum this Mother’s Day just because of the person she is! Despite having a job and a house of her own to look after, she is constantly offering to help us whenever she can. Her and my dad worked so hard to give myself and my sister everything when we were younger, it’s nice to spoil her and show her how much we appreciate it.”

Ria, Etching Assistant:

“I’ve always been passionate about art and have spent many years studying art and design. It remains a big part of my life, from my role here at Becky Broome, to crafting, upcycling and culinary projects, that I do in my spare time and that my kids (and sometimes even pets) love to get involved with.”

“I want to spoil my mum because she has been through a lot recently and so really deserves a treat.”

Josh, Etching Assistant:

“My gran and I are the only creative ones in the family and so as a child, we would do all sorts of different arts and crafts projects together. While none of them lasted very long, we still love visiting galleries and exhibitions together. It’s the attention to detail and perfectionism that I developed during those years that has really benefited my role at Becky Broome.”

“I want to spoil my mum this Mother’s Day because she never gives up, whatever it is that she is trying to accomplish. From getting fit to becoming more confident at driving to new places, whether it takes months or years she is constantly challenging herself and pushing her limits.”

Olivia, Studio Assistant:

“Music is a big part of my life. I love going to concerts and listening to genres like R&B, Reggae, and Motown, which provide creative inspiration for me. My other passion is fashion, styling and photography, which I studied at university. I love it because it is a part of my daily life, from the clothes I wear, to taking photos of my newborn niece. Working at Becky Broome has been such a rewarding new challenge, as it is completely different from anything I have ever done.”

“I want to spoil my mum this Mother’s Day because she is more like my best friend and is selfless.”

Rebecca, Studio Assistant:

“I’m going to study geography at university in September. I love being in nature and with animals, particularly dogs and horses. I ride as much as possible and volunteer to help look after the horses as well as teaching others how to ride. Being part of the close-knit team here at Becky Broome has taught me a lot of new things and skills that I can take forward with me. I’m so glad I deferred a year to have this great life experience.”

“I want to spoil my mum this Mother’s Day as she is the most caring person I know and totally deserves it!”

If you’re still unsure about what Mother’s Day gift to buy, why not have a look at our gift finder.  Answer a few simple, quick questions about your mum and it will match you with the perfect gift for her.



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