Mother's Day Activities

The Perfect Mother’s Day: Activity Inspiration

We want to make sure your mum has the perfect Mother’s Day, which we hope you’ll achieve through the help of this blog series and our lovingly crafted Mother’s Day collection.  So far, we’ve looked at planning the perfect breakfast in bed and our team has highlighted their favourite gifts, that they would love to give to their mum.  In this third and final instalment we’re going to be looking at what activities you could do with your mum, to make this Mother’s Day memorable, because ultimately, spending time together is the most important gift of all.

Explore The Outdoors

Getting out into nature is the perfect way to spend a Mother’s Day, with the fresh air leaving you feeling restored and revitalised.  Take a wander around a stately home, explore the remnants of a castle or simply stroll through a forest for a relaxing Sunday escape.


If you’re wanting to stay close to home, while still being amongst nature, simply heading into the garden, to help your mum tend to the spring plants, makes for a therapeutic afternoon.  Whichever you choose don’t forget to have your reusable personalised waters bottle or travel cup handy.

    Personalised Name Water Bottle Mum & Dad Lifestyle

Try Something New

Is your mum interested in a hobby or activity but never has the time to pursue it?  If so, there is plenty of content online that you can try out together.  From a wide range of topics such as arts and crafts, yoga and meditation, baking and cocktail making, there is sure to be an instructional taster video available, no matter what your mum’s interests.  This will make for a delightful afternoon, all in the comfort of home.

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Cook  A Meal

Cooking is a truly bonding experience and so making dinner with your mum is a great way to connect.  If you want to really treat your mum, keep her out of the kitchen while you cook her favourite meal.  Or if she’s still full from breakfast in bed, then a cheese and wine night is a fantastically indulgent alternative.  To add that extra special touch be sure to round off  the evening with a freshly pressed coffee and some of your mum’s favourite chocolates.

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Movie Night

It’s hard to beat settling in for the night with a good movie, so why not make a night of it for Mother’s Day?  Just get together a selection of your mum’s favourite films and snacks for a movie night filled with laughs, screams or tears, depending on her movie genre taste!

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Afternoon Tea

The quintessentially British high tea is massively in vogue at the minute and yet could not be easier to recreate at home or at a scenic picnic spot, weather permitting.  Simply gather your family together and add copious amounts of sandwiches, scones, cakes, tea and a splash of bubbly, for a charming Mother’s Day afternoon.

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The Little Things

Small and seemingly insignificant actions can be the most appreciated and so even a small gesture that gives your mum some ‘me time’, as a much-needed treat, will be cherished.  Make her a cup of tea or her favourite drink while she puts her feet up.  Run her a bath or do some daily household tasks to make her week easier.  Brighten her home with a set of coloured vases.  These actions may not seem significant to you but will mean the world to your mum.

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Now that we’ve provided all the inspiration that you need to plan the perfect Mother’s Day, we’d love to see how they turn out.  Share your day and tag us across our social media @beckybroomeltd, using the hashtag #youareloved.