Earth Day

Earth Day

Easter Monday lands on 22nd April this year. As such, many people will be found relaxing and enjoying the Bank Holiday.  However, on this date every year it is Earth Day, a worldwide celebration with the purpose of supporting environmental protection.  Just take a moment from your day to read this post and see how you can make a difference.

When plastic was first invented in 1907 it was a revolutionary breakthrough.  The benefits of which have caused plastic products to become a huge part of our daily lives.  However, the consequences of this reliance have become ever more apparent to the detriment of our health, ecosystems, and climate.

Unlike other waste, plastics do not biodegrade.  They breakdown into smaller microplastics and over time make their way into the soil, oceans and consequently the food chain.

Since its creation over 75% of all plastic waste has made its way into landfill and the ecosystem.  In contrast, only around 9% of all plastic waste is recycled.  If we continue at this rate, it is projected there will be 13.2 billion tons of plastic waste in landfill by 2050.

As plastics have become such a commonplace part of modern life; in clothing, packaging, technology and the home, it is unrealistic to expect people to completely cut plastic out of their lives.  Although, there are small daily changes that you can make to your lifestyle to become a more conscientious consumer.

Refillable Water Bottle

In the UK we use over 35 million single-use plastic bottles a day.  Investing in a reusable water bottle requires an initial cost, but, in the long term it works out as a much more economical option.  While of course being a more environmentally friendly one.  Also, it has never been easier to find spots to refill your water bottle while out and about.  Apps like Refill and Tap allow you to search for the nearest locations to refill your water bottle.  Simply choose from a number of cafes, restaurants and businesses that have signed up to provide free water.

Personalised Name Water Bottle Lifestyle

Reusable Travel Cup

In the UK we use 2.5 Billion, disposable coffee cups every year.  Only 1 in every 400 of these are recycled.  This is, in part, because many recycling centres do not have the facilities to separate the cardboard and plastic layers that are essential for making them watertight.  Once again, a simple action you can take is to invest in a reusable travel cup.  Numerous retailers, such as Starbucks, Costa, Pret a Manger, and M&S Café among others, are becoming aware of the widespread impact of this problem, and as such, offer discounts ranging from 20p to 50p off your drink when you bring your own travel cup.

Reduce Kitchen Plastic Waste

Within the home, the kitchen is a large culprit for producing single-use plastic waste.  Ditch disposable items like cookware, straws, cutlery and cling film, for alternatives.  This will be much kinder to the environment.  Many opt for these items out of convenience.  However, in the long term, investing in glass, metal, and bamboo kitchen supplies only require a minimal amount of effort to maintain.  Plus they are much more cost effective long term.

Personalised 'What's Cookin'' Glass Dish

To learn more about plastic waste pollution and how you can reduce your plastic footprint visit the  Earth Day website.