World Cocktail Day

World Cocktail Day

The term cocktail was first defined in print on 13th May 1806. This date has now become synonymous with ‘World Cocktail Day’, marking the day every year. And what better excuse to treat yourself to a Monday evening cocktail to unwind. Cocktails have become a staple of menus in restaurants and bars around the world. With new recipes being created every day, the sheer variety of cocktails available can be a little overwhelming. Sweet, sour, bitter, salty, smoky, fruity, fresh. No matter what your tastes, there is sure to be a cocktail to suit you. To help narrow down your choices, we’ve asked our team to pick their favourite cocktails.

Espresso Martini

Becky, our office assistant, opted for an ‘Espresso Martini’. “As a coffee lover, this drink is simply perfection. The bitter tang of the espresso marries seamlessly with the sweeter coffee liqueur to give a delicious alcoholic pick me up.”

Strawberry Daiquiri

Phillipa, our customer services assistant, opted for a ‘Strawberry Daiquiri’. “Whether regular or frozen, I just love the fruity fresh flavour of a daiquiri. It’s such a refreshing summer cocktail and reminds me of being by the pool on holiday.”

World Cocktail Day Red Strawberry Daiquiri

Long Island Iced Tea

Josh, our etching assistant, opted for a ‘Long Island Iced Tea’. “I’ve always been a fan of strong flavours and this drink is the epitome of that. The sharpness of all of the spirits, combined with the sweetness of the coke and plenty of citrus to cut through them both, makes for a a real flavour hit.”

Bloody Mary

Laura, our studio coordinator, opted for a ‘Bloody Mary’. “I love anything savoury and so the rich, intense flavour of a bloody mary is my idea of heaven. With or without the alcohol, it has to come with plenty of Tabasco and all of the accompaniments.”


Ria, our etching assistant, opted for a ‘Mojito’. “What could be better than a light and refreshing rum and mint cocktail? Plus it’s a great base for experimenting and adding fruits, like raspberry, grapefruit or watermelon, for something that extra bit special.”

World Cocktail Day Hiball Mojito

Virgin Pina Colada

Katie, our artwork coordinator, opted for a Virgin Pina Colada.  “Being pregnant I can’t drink and so a luxurious, alcohol-free cocktail is a great alternative option. A creamy, tropical virgin pina colada is just like a cool refreshing smoothie.”

If none of these cocktails have caught your eye, then have a look at our Pinterest board ‘World Cocktail Day 2019‘ for even more cocktail inspiration.