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Wedding Inspiration

Planning a wedding can be a daunting task. There are so many different styles, themes, and elements to consider that even knowing where to begin can be a struggle. A wedding is such a personal experience, that you have probably been dreaming of since childhood. It’s important to do your research and explore exactly what your ‘imagined’ dream wedding will actually look like, no matter what style it may be. We have carefully curated several boards on Pinterest with wedding inspiration for every step of the planning process.

Bridal Shower Inspiration

Though you may associate this custom more so with America, is it gaining in popularity here too. Less raucous than a ‘hen do’, a bridal shower provides the opportunity for older relatives to join in the celebrations beforehand as well. Not to say that a few drinks won’t be involved, brunch, wine tasting, cocktail making, and a low-key BBQ or garden party are great options to consider. Traditionally, bridal showers are an all-female affair, however ‘couple’s showers’ are becoming more common, giving all your close family and friends the chance to celebrate together.

Bridal Shower Wedding Inspiration Pink Floral Table   Bride To Be Champagne Glass  Bridal Shower Wedding Inspiration Pink Floral Table

Will you be my…..

How you ask your family and friends to become part of your wedding party has become a big deal. Gift boxes and bags filled with thoughtful and personalised presents have become a huge trend. These keepsakes may come in useful during the wedding planning and even afterwards, providing a cherished memento to remember the whole experience.

Personalised Be My Wedding Glass For Her Group  Personalised Best Man Beer Stein  Personalised Wedding Proposal Glass For Him Group

Wedding Styling

Obviously, the actual styling of your wedding is one of the biggest features you must decide upon. Rustic countryside style with plenty of floral textures. Chic opulence with touches of velvet and gold. Industrial minimalism softened with candlelight and copper. There are so many beautiful styles that can be achieved to suit every taste. This year is all about minimalism and textures, metallics, neon, greenery, acrylic and velvet. But as weddings are such a personal experience, you can make it completely your own, picking and choosing whatever elements appeal to you.

Wedding Inspiration Rustic Style With Acrylic Table Plan  Wedding Inspiration Rustic Reception With Sign   Pink Geometric and Green Table Centerpiece

If your looking for even more wedding inspiration then head over to our wedding collection for a range of beautifully crafted gifts suitable for every step of the way.