ORDERS PLACED 23.12.20 - 03.01.21 WILL BE PROCESSED W/C 03.01.21

Our Hand Crafted Process

We take great pride in the craftsmanship of our products. As such we want to give you an insight into our process.

Every single item is etched by hand, to order, in our Liverpool based studio and we want to shout about it! We have a small team of amazingly talented people who love to create your one off, bespoke items.

We want you to know that as much love and care has gone into the making of your order, as you have put into the thought behind the personalisation for that special someone.

Every piece is personalised individually, just for you, through a labour intensive process, from artwork creation through to gift wrapping.

Artwork Creation and Exposure

Katie, Artwork Coordinator, “Throughout the year we are constantly creating fresh new designs for both products old and new. This makes creating an individual’s artwork for orders so rewarding, knowing that your hard work has resonated with a customer. A small pat on the back so to speak. Not to mention seeing some of the touching personalisations that people come up with, it can be really moving.”


Application and Masking

Laura, Studio Coordinator, “Day to day our job is all about precision. At every stage of the process orders are going through quality checks. From finding the perfect glass, applying it in the right position, on to masking it with both care and accuracy.”



Josh, Etching Assistant, “Etching is a really special part of the process. It is the culmination of the hard work everyone has put into each order so far.  The letters simply peel away and in a matter of moments have left a permanent engraving. This is when you see the glass come to life.”


Washing and Packing

Ria, Studio Assistant, “Washing and packing is the final but by no means least important stage. This final clean and check ensures that the products we send out, meet our high standards. Your orders are carefully wrapped in protective bubble wrap and then packed into our tissue paper lined shipper boxes.”