Mother’s Day Team Picks

Strong women raise strong women! For generations, mothers have been passing down love, wisdom, and support to their daughters. From mother to daughter and then them on to their daughters in turn. This Mother’s Day we want to celebrate this strong matriarchy of women. We’ve asked some of our team to tell us a bit about their mums and what they have passed down to them. Plus what their Mother’s Day team picks are to show their mums just how much they appreciate them.

Ria, Production Assistant:

My mum is my world. She is one of the strongest, yet most caring women you could possibly meet. She has taught me that whatever happens, or whatever life throws at you, you will always get through it and come out all the more positive and confident in the end. For Mother’s Day, I would gift my mum the ‘Personalised Birth Flower Carafe and Glass Set’ because I know she will love it as much as I love her.

Personalised Birth Flower Carafe and Glass Set Ria's Mother's Day Team Picks  Ria's Mother's Day Team Pick

Katie, Production Assistant:

My mum is my best friend. She is kind, understanding and always grateful. She deserves to be spoilt every day of the year not just on Mother’s Day. My mum has devoted her life to caring for me and my brother. She always thinks of everybody else’s happiness before thinking of her own. My mum has taught me to always follow my dreams no matter how crazy or challenging they may be. She makes me believe there is nothing I can’t do if I put my mind to it. I would like to gift my mum the ‘Personalised Teapot and Cup Set for One’ for Mother’s Day in case she’s ever having a bad day and needs cheering up – there’s nothing a good cuppa can’t solve!!

Personalised Tea for One Teapot  Personalised Tea for One Teapot Colour Options

Kelly, Production Coordinator:

My mum is the most fun-loving woman I know. She doesn’t take life too seriously but would do anything for anyone with her heart of gold. The biggest thing in life my mum has taught me is to always be positive and don’t give up. She deserves to be spoiled as she is always caring for everyone else, she needs the recognition for it. I would treat my mum to a ‘Personalised Gin Goblet’ with the wording ‘Mum MY BEST FRIEND’ because that is what she will always be!

Personalised Mixers Goblet (2)  Personalised Mixers Goblet Detail (2)

Phillipa, Customer Service Assistant:

My mum is the most selfless person I know, she would do anything for her family. Me and my sisters are so lucky to have her. The biggest lesson my mum has taught me is to just stop and enjoy the moment. You’ll be so much more grateful for everything you have. My mum deserves to be spoiled because she never thinks about herself, so someone has to do it for her. I would give my mum the ‘Personalised ‘Mum’ Bud Bottle Vases’ because she loves anything that is bright and colourful.

Personalised 'MUM' Coloured Bottle Bud Vases Philippa's Mother's Day Team Picks  Philippa's Mother's Day Team Picks

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